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Alpine Valley was founded on the simple idea of making a superior product available to customers. Today, we are committed to treating all of our customers as friends, providing the highest caliber of available products and services, and charging a fair price. Integrity, honesty, and fairness--values that are sometimes lost in pursuit of profit--are the foundation upon which we will continue to build. We brought you the cheapest k-cups and single pod brewers on the web, now meet the creative minds that fuel


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    I truly believe that coffee is a staple in my relationship with my best friend. We met in college and got through the day with the help of a steaming cup of Starbucks from The Front Room. We made special “coffee dates” where it was just the two of us, having therapy sessions over steaming mugs.

    As the years went on, we would get up early to meet at our favorite coffee shop before 8:00 a.m. classes. We looked forward to our Styrofoam cups of Highlander Grog from Whit’s in Athens, OH.

    When we eventually became roommates, we started sharing a coffee maker. I now feel that sharing a coffee maker with another person is as good as calling them family. You have to compromise on the strength and blend of the roast, not to mention clean the system regularly.

     My best friend recently moved to Africa, where she is working as a dorm assistant at a school. When I heard the news that she would be gone for a whole year, one of my first thoughts was “Who am I going to go get coffee with now?”

    In order to bridge that gap that the Atlantic Ocean put between us, I found the perfect going away present. I gave her a mug with Ohio and my mug has Africa. Here is how you decorate your own long distance BFF coffee mugs: 

     You will need

    • A Mug
    • Sharpies
    • An Oven
    • Paper, Pen, Scissors (If Making a Template)

    Wash your mug well and let it dry completely. I found that it was easiest (unless you are an artist) to make a paper template of the state and/or country. For us, I used Ohio and Africa. It’s actually really hard to draw Africa, if you’ve never tried.

    Now that you have you template, hold or tape it to the mug. Trace with a Sharpie Permanent Marker. You can then put the dash marks on the mug, connecting the two places like you see in the photo.

    If you want, you can write a short message on the back of the mug, or just inside the lip. I chose to write “Miss” and “You.” I took a red Sharpie Permanent Marker and drew hearts on our places. I put the heart on my best friend’s mug just over Athens, OH and my mug got a heart on where she is living in Africa.

    Now, just put the mugs on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. This is going to seal the marker so it will withstand washing. Just don’t stick them in the dishwasher.

    My BFF loved the gift and it now has a place of honor in her post-grad, Africa apartment. I see my cup everyday and when I drink from it, I remember all the cups of coffee, all the treks for Highlander Grog, and all the laughs we shared over our mugs. 

    Medium Roast K-Cups at Alpine Valley Coffee

    When you want a smooth and comforting full-flavored coffee that is not bitter or too intense tasting flavor to brew in your Keurig K-Cup brewer, Medium Roast coffees are what you’re looking for. At Alpine Valley Coffee, we are able to offer premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffees at discount prices. Available in 10 Packs, 24 count Boxes, and our own K-Cup Variety Packs, plus our cheapest K-Cup option… our Sample Packs.

    We carry breakfast blends to make your mornings crisp and bright, or shade grown blends with subtly sweet tones of cocoa and wine, full-bodied Medium Roasts hinting of spice for the bold among you, and so many others. With’s comprehensive selection of medium-roast K-Cups, you’re sure to find just the right delectable choice that pleases your palate perfectly – at a discounted price to boot.

    There’s no better way to greet the day or celebrate a special moment than with a gourmet Medium Roast K-Cup. You can almost smell the delicious aroma wafting your way, right? Everybody loves to indulge in the total coffee experience of Medium Roast K-Cups for the Keurig. Medium Roast K-Cups are also available from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Caribou, Tully’s, Newman’s Own, Folgers, Millstone, Diedrich, Coffee People, and Wolfgang Puck.

    Splurge on Medium Roast K-Cups this weekend at Alpine Valley Coffee! All Medium Roast K-Cups are at least $0.50 off, while supplies last, now through Sunday. Happy Choosing!

    Save BIG on Medium Roast K-Cups at Alpine Valley Coffee!

    AVC New Year’s K-Cup Blowout!

    Absolutely ALL Keurig K-Cups Must Go!

      * 24 count boxes for only $12.95

      * 10 count sample packs for only $6.25

    Happy New Year’s from Alpine Valley Coffee!!!

    Shop Our New Year's Blowout!

    Add A Little VARIETY To Your Coffee Routine!

    When you look at what makes Keurig Brewers and K-Cups a must have at home or the office, you tend to think of the ease of use in preparing that one perfect cup of coffee, right? Well, we happen to LOVE the  variety in the different options of K-Cups offered. With K-Cups from top brands such as Green Mountain Coffee, Caribou, Newman’s Own, Diedrich, Coffee People, Donut House, Emeril’s, Folgers, Millstone, Gloria Jean’s, Tully’s, and Wolfgang Puck, your options are virtually endless. Then, take into consideration the different roast types – light roast, medium roast, dark roast, extra bold roast, flavored K-Cups, decaf coffees - plus the options of teas and decaf teas… Where do you start when you want some VARIETY?

    You start with Variety 8 Packs from Alpine Valley Coffee! Choose your own Variety 8 Pack of K-Cups in these options: light roast, medium roast, dark roast, extra bold roast, decaf coffees, flavored coffees, teas, and decaf teas. You’ll receive a variety of K-Cups in the option of your choice so you can try and test out the different brands, and discover what YOU like most.

    Oh – and from now until the end of 2012, when you buy 6 boxes of 24 count K-Cups at, you get to choose your own FREE Variety 8 Pack! Put some VARIETY in your coffee routine! Happy Choosing!

    Get Your FREE Variety 8 Pack of K-Cups at!

    Try our awesome Mother’s Day basket! Loads of k-cups, delicious snacks, a pleased mother—what more could you want?!

    March 14, 2012.

    Today is Pi Day (3.14)! As such, we are craving some delicious baked goods topped with vanilla ice cream! Just take a second to ponder that. The warm aroma, the sweet vanilla-y goodness. Well, we don’t have any pie (boo), but we have a vanilla coffee that’s sure to knock your socks off (yay)!

    One of the best french vanilla k-cups on the market is Vanilla Francaise by Wolfgang Puck. We just got word that these k-cups are going to be discontinued in the very near future…quite the grim message to receive on Pi Day, indeed.

    This french vanilla k-cup has loads of vanilla flavor AND aroma! The air was immediately improved with fragrant caramel and vanilla scents! It is truly a unique k-cup.

    We added two little packets of Splenda, but this cup of coffee is even good all by its lonesome (or with your favorite cream and sugar). This k-cup’s days are apparently numbered, so get some while you can at Alpine Valley Coffee!

    How Much is K-Cup Coffee Per Pound?: A Rebuttal.

    There’s been a lot of raucous lately surrounding this article from the New York Times which states that K-Cup Coffee is way more expensive per pound than, say, a bag of artisanal coffee. 

    The claim is that a pound of coffee from Keurig K-Cups would cost roughly $51 per pound…and while mathematically that makes sense, that is looking at coffee through the lens of “by the pound” drinkers.

    Consider this, in the last year alone, over 4 billion cups of Starbucks coffee were consumed. Also consider that most people who go to Starbucks are paying upwards of $4 per cup of the black stuff. And continue to consider that a cup of coffee from a single k-cup is roughly 60 cents per cup!

    (You could drink the Starbucks k-cup and save BIG)
    Granted, a single k-cup is usually not a foofy beverage with chocolate chips, caramel drizzle, whipped topping, and a logo’d cup for nothing more than bragging rights—but the point is this: We live in a world where people want the convenience of a single cup of coffee, and there is a price for that. K-Cups come in some really great varieties, and at 60 cents per cup, it makes a lot more sense than spending 99 cents at the gas station for really gross coffee, or $4 for a frozen beverage that sort of resembles coffee if you squint hard enough. 

    Don’t believe the hype! As always, Alpine Valley offers the cheapest k-cups on the net with quantity discounts, free shipping levels, and sales all the time!

    The Keurig Vue System: What You Need to Know.


    Keurig announced today that they will be debuting a new Keurig Machine in the coming weeks/months called The Keurig Vue.

    This machine is not compatible with K-Cups and is most certainly a completely new system. Watch the video HERE!

    While the Vue promises to make up for some shortcomings Keurig fans have addressed in the past (coffee temperature, coffee strength), it is unclear how this will affect current k-cup users. The patent for K-Cups and K-Cup Portion Packs ends September 16, 2012, so many are speculating the Vue Packs potential to replace the demand for K-Cups. 

    What we do know in the meantime is that here at Alpine Valley, we are still selling K-Cups and at a new super low rate of $13.95 per 24-count box. As low as $12.75 per box when you buy in bulk! Try some today at !

    Huge Tassimo Recall — Single-Serve Alternatives for Users

    As many of you well know, there was a HUGE recall of Tassimo single-serve brewing systems due to machine malfunctions resulting in burns.

    As an alternative to using those machines, we urge you to look into CBTL (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) Brewers and Keurig Brewers. These top-of-the-line brewers have a track record of excellence and competitively priced coffee per cup!  

    The best place to purchase these products (and for more information) is at

    Golden French Toast K-Cups—A Review

    January 18, 2012.

    This is the first installment of “WWDW” of 2012. Happy New Year! If you’re still keeping your resolutions this far into the year (or if you’ve already tapped out), we’ve got a scrumptious alternative take on a breakfast favorite!

    Sometimes you just want something warm, sweet, and syrupy in the morning. Sometimes, too, you just want to fit into your favorite jeans. Keurig has come up with a seasonally appropriate compromise! 

    Golden French Toast k-cups have a strong aroma and are a delicious light roast blend with the most accurate flavoring in a k-cup we’ve ever tasted! It’s no surprise that these cups are our most popular seasonal flavor. 

    This is the perfect “cozy-up-in-a-blanket-on-a-chilly-winter-night” coffee! We adore this flavor with cinnamon creamer and whatever sugar or sugar substitute you prefer! Unbelievably delicious!

    Golden French Toast K-cups are a limited time product so if you want to try some, get them HERE!

    What’s the Difference Between Bold K-Cups and Xtra Bold K-Cups?

    If there’s one extremely confusing thing about K-Cups for Keurig Machines, it has to be the distinction of K-Cups as Bold or Xtra-Bold. 

    As you know, from reading our helpful article about bold coffee, bold is not about the roast of the bean but about the flavor therein. There are mild bold coffees and dark roast bold coffees. Bold describes the robust flavor of a cup of joe. 

    Here’s where the confusion comes in: Xtra Bold K-Cups. Xtra bold k-cups simply refer to the weight in grams of coffee per k-cup. Remember the days of “Mr. Coffee” when if you wanted a stronger cup of coffee you’d put an excess of the ground coffee into the filter? This is the same situation. We aren’t quite sure why Green Mountain and Keurig decided to use the term “bold” to describe it, but we have a few photos to demonstrate what the difference really is:

    Though it is still hard to tell in the pictures, the product labeled “Extra Bold” is heavier and has more grounds per k-cup than the bold coffee on the left. So now you know!

    Our CFO’s puppy, Amber knows where to get the cheapest, freshest, best k-cups on the web—Alpine Valley Coffee!

    What’s the best addition to a cup of coffee?

    Halloween Coffee Recipe!

    As you should be well aware, Halloween is this coming Monday. What you should also be aware of is that Halloween is fun AND exhausting. Want to add a little less fear and a little more fun to your work day? Try this spin on a delicious cup of joe:

    Ah yes, fun sized candies. Is there anything greater in the world? They give you all the sweet nostalgia of Halloweens past, but don’t add much to your waistline (It’s Halloween, treat yourself)!

    By simply adding two fun sized Milky Ways (or other fun sized candies of your choosing) to your cup of coffee, you create an 80 calories beverage (not too shabby) that is filled with caramel, chocolatey, nougat-y goodness!

    We recommend putting the candy bars in the cup before you brew, and helping the melting along with a spoon or fork. There will be some nougat chunks, but we like to think it only helps! Give it a shot and have a Happy Halloween!

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