Do You Need A Keurig Machine? Things to Consider Before You Buy!

Keurig is the big kid on the coffee campus right now, and with their ever-expanding line of delicious k-cups for Keurig brewers, it might be tempting to jump the gun and buy one for yourself or as a gift. Before you buy, check out our check list of factors to consider if you’re in the market :

1. How many people will be using your machine?

The Keurig machine is great for most office and home sizes. Keurig carries a wide variety of machines—from the single pour over B31 (perfect for college students or cubicles) to the B200 (fantastic for offices of 15-30 people). There are sizes in between as well. 

2. How much do you currently spend on coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?

If you go to one of those chain coffee shops, you’re looking at spending upwards of $4 per cup of the black stuff. Keurig is a great alternative! For roughly 60 cents per k-cup portion pack, you get a hot delicious cup of coffee. If you like your drink a little more “foofy” (technical term), purchasing a gourmet creamer and sugar/sugar alternative will still be less expensive than what you’d shell out over a year’s time at a fast-coffee establishment.

3. How environmentally conscious are you?

Unfortunately, Keurig K-Cup portion packs are not yet biodegradeable. However, if you are interested in going a more eco-friendly route, Pods might be a way to go! Pod machines are priced similarly to Keurig machines and the pods actually run cheaper and come in a slew of flavors. Get both at Alpine Valley Coffee

4. How strong do you take your coffee?

Objectively speaking, if you want a strong cup of coffee or prefer espresso strength, Keurig is probably not right for you. The coffee that Keurig produces mostly appeals to the medium roast drinker—the most commonly found coffees in offices and homes. If you need something a bit bolder, we suggest the CBTL machine and related capsules. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf machines make a delicious espresso with a very impressive crema.  The CBTL also has tea capsules and hot chocolate sachets. 

5. How much space do you require?

Keurig machines provide an economical use of space and can fit most dorm, home, and office kitchen areas.  If space is your concern, worry no more!

If you’re ready to make the leap into the single-serve coffee world, don’t hesitate to check out Alpine Valley Coffee! 

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